When you take into account that systems exist in advanced, heterogeneous environments, achieving competent application support needs a high level of technical competency. This happens typically throughout multiple interactions, and supported by a structured problem-solving approach.

  We are proud of ourselves about the exceptional standard expertise and services that we provide to you and your customers. With our well trained support team we provide you and your clients with dedicated support over the phone or through email or chat.

  Our made-to-order support model is refined through extensive client service and enabled by established staffing. Our support model provides up to 24×7 application support employing a multi-tiered support, delivering 1st call resolutions. Our multi-tiered support model will increase the efficiency of clients’ support operations and reduces the cost of application support.



  Experienced support staff with expertise in how to troubleshoot bugs, product learning curves and more make the core of our trained team. We are able to replicate and troubleshoot issues across many different types of applications.

Benefits with our Multi-tiered Support Include

Get Instantaneous and Complete Support by Certified Technicians for any technical issue you are facing.

Increased efficiency of support operations

Our techs provide you tailor made solutions as per your need and the nature of problem diagnosed by the tech.

Reduced cost of application support

Get PC tune-up, setup & configure software’s, OS installed & repaired, hardware troubleshooting.

Our team of experts are certified techs having all the experience providing customized answers.

Industries we service







Wireless Networks

With our Application Support Services you will be able to reduce total cost of software support and plan your future projects knowing that your current systems are running at 100% and that your clients are well-supported.
Application Support Services

We don’t stop until your technical issues are solved. By providing you with immediate support from capable and experienced expert techs via phone or email or chat, we make your life a whole lot easier.

We can connect to your computer remotely and handle issues ranging from virus and malware removal, antivirus and security software issues to home networking, computer tune-ups, troubleshooting email problems and more. We can back up your data on the cloud. You name it and our highly skilled techs are standing by and ready to handle it. With Zion IT Hub, the technology support you need is always just a phone call, chat or email away!


Experienced Staff

We have the most helpful, courteous, experienced, knowledgeable technicians available.

Immediate Support

Chat with one of our expert techs either via phone or internet. We can even connect to your computer remotely and get the issue fixed.

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